Verdant Brewing Co

Alternative Currency (5.8% ABV, can)
Ooh, look a Verdant dark beer. Few and far between, always enjoyable, and this is no exception. It’s very dark with a ric, thick tan head. There are big roast malts on the aroma, vague notes of coffee, and a hint of rich berry. Very faint smokiness, too. On the palate, it’s rich and full, but not too overwhelming. Roast malt, berry fruit, coffee, vailla, hint of almond, with a satifying dryish finish. Yes, really enjoyable!
(30th October, 2020)

Intimately Spaced Pylons (6.5% ABV, can)
Sandy/golden and very hazy, with a white head that stays well, the flavours in this brew meld together beautifully. The aroma is all about punchy pineapple, and that’s on the palate, too, along with grapefruit, lychees, and white grapes, with some biscuit malt balance. A lovely body, as ever with Verdant, and gentle bitterness on the finish.
(16th January, 2021)
Buy it: I bought mine from Johns off-licence, St Ives. You may find it on the Verdant website, depending on stocks.

Verdant Brewing Co | Penryn, Cornwall | Untappd ratings

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