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Breakfast in Luxembourg (6% ABV, can)
It says espresso stout on the can, and yet it still comes as a surprise. Just for a fraction of a second, as you taste it, it’s all about sweet, roasty malt, then: boom! Big bitter coffee hit. It could make a great start to a day! This is a black brew with a tinge out red light at its extremity and a creamy, thick beige head. The aroma offers bitter coffee, dark chocolate, and some smokiness. Citra and Target hops add more freshness to that big thumnderbolt of flavour on the palate. The finish is nicely bitter and actually quite hoppy. A clever, complex brew, created in collaboration with Bare Brewing and inspired by the Luxembourg brewer’s own espresso stout. The can artwork is delightful, a piece entitled Berlight, by Falmouth University student Amy Abbott.
Buy: On the Padstow Brewing Co website — I got mine from the Red Elephant Beer Cellar, Truro
(26th April 2020)

Padstow Breakfast in Luxembourg

Go Man Go (8% ABV, can)
Hazy rich straw in colour with a foaming, slightly off-white head that stays well. A mango sorbet DIPA. Yes, you can see where they’re coming from with this. The hops (Simcoe, Mosaic, and Olicana, the latter part of British grower Charles Faram’s hop development programme) give the fruit, wheat, and oats in the malt bill that sorbet element. Clever. It’s smooth, it’s fruity, and it’s jolly refreshing — and easy to knock back, forgetting momentarily it’s an 8% ABV brew. The flavours linger nicely on the finish, but it’s very clean. On the nose, mango, of course, also a little apricot and a hint of lime. A lovely beer, presented in another of Padstow’s great cans, this time by Falmouth University student Phoebe Roberts.
Buy: On the Padstow Brewing Co website — I got mine from the Red Elephant Beer Cellar, Truro
(7th October, 2020)

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