Black Flag Brewery

Fish Bones IPA (6.4% ABV, bottle)
Hazy. Very. Murky beaucoup. It has to be said it’s a not-very-appetising beige colour, with a white head that stays fairly well. It tastes, though, better than it looks. Piney and resinous, with subdued tropical notes. The body’s quite thick. The aroma is a little fruity and quite yeasty. I like this and I appreciate its quality, but there are other Black Flag beers I’m more in love with.
(14th June, 2020)

Black Flag Fish Bones IPA

Moon Face IPA (6.5% ABV, bottle)
Very hazy — light straw to the point of almost being the colour of pear or apple flesh. And the aroma is … Dank. Capital D. To drink, it’s resinous, fruity too — lemon (zest and pith), pear, melon, green apple, spicy, and herbal, too (tarragon?). One of the most hazy IPAs I’ve had, very enjoyable. West Country bitter it ain’t.
Buy: I got mine from the Pilchard Press Alehouse. It’s also available on the brewery website.
(21st May, 2020)


Nervous Breakdown DIPA (8% ABV, bottle)
Hazy gold — very hazy — with a white head that stays well. Big hop notes, resinous, piney, fruity. The body is full, with a smooth mouthfeel. The palate offers mango, grapefruit, kiwi, some herbal and grassy notes, honeydew melon. A cracker of a beer that slips down too easily.
Buy it: I bought mine from John’s off-licence in St Ives.
(6th June, 2020)


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