Pipeline Brewing Co

Half Life (6.5% ABV, can)
My first beer from this modern craft brewery in St Agnes, Cornwall, and it’s a cracker. Deep golden with a white head, it smells a little resinour, but mostly fruity — mango, kiwi and a hint of peach. There’s a real fruit bowl on the palate, juicy grapefruit, mango, kiwi, and a delightful zesty finish that leads to some dryness. Oats add to a smooth mouthfeel. Great to know there’s another great brewer on the Cornish scene.
Buy: I got mine from the Red Elephant Beer Cellar, Truro. It’s also available locally from St Agnes’ Schooners and Cornish Pizza Co, and the Vessel bottle shop in Plymouth.
(21st April, 2020)

Pipeline Half Life

Mosaic Mahout (4.7% ABV, can)
A collaboration with the Red Elephant Beer Cellar, in Truro, to mark the shop’s new era is a bigger, city centre location. Hazy straw with a big, thick, foaming white head, it’s single hopped with Mosaic, so no surpirse that the aroma is stone fruit and mango. As juice bombs go, this one is quite subtle, although the fruit is pretty pronounced. There’s light biscuit malt balance and a lovely smoothness, thanks to oats in the malt bill. I reckong this would be a good introduction for someone taking their first steps into the world of hazy US-style session IPAs, Refreshingly crisp, not too dank, and pretty moreish.
Buy: I got mine from the Red Elephant Beer Cellar, Truro.
(30th October, 2020)

New York Dreams (4.8% ABV, can)
There’s a burst of zesty citrus as soon as the can pops open, an aroma of lemon and lime with, upon closer inhalation, a little orange, too. It’s smooth and juicy on the palate, not soupy at all, as some beers in this style can be, and with no overpowering flavours. Subtlety and balance all the way. All the zesty citrus flavours: lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, plus a little peach. At 4.8% ABV, it’s not crazily strong, but nicely sessionable, with a real zing of moreish bitterness on the finish. A little beauty.
Buy: I got mine from Johns off-licence, in St Ives.
(17th January, 2021)

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