Sheffield-based True North Brew Co is bringing back Stones cask Bitter this September, thanks to an arrangement with brand owner Molson Coors.

Stones Bitter

The iconic bitter will be brewed based on specifications derived from the recipe that helped Stones become the highest-selling bitter in the UK during the 1960s and 70s.

First brewed in Sheffield at the Cannon Brewery, the beloved bitter will make its triumphant return to the steel city this spring.

Head brewer at True North Brew Co, Dean Hollingworth, said: “This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while, so we were excited when Molson Coors gave us the thumbs up.

“We want to do it right, so we’re going all out to make sure the recipe is as close as it was back in the bitter’s glory days. We’ll be using a traditional cask recipe, with Challenger and Goldings hops, and the original Stones yeast strain, kindly given to us by Molson Coors. We’re even going as far as recreating the water profile that was used at the time.”

The cask bitter will be brewed in the centre of Sheffield at an ABV of 4.1%

The aim of the revival is to bring a classic brand that is quintessentially Sheffield back to its roots. Stones Bitter was originally brewed as a drink for the steelworkers of Sheffield, which is why the recipe and its water content included extra minerals, to replenish those they lost whilst working.

True North Brew Co operates 12 venues across Sheffield, Barnsley, and Derbyshire. It produces beer, as well as Sheffield Dry Gin, coffee, and Sheffield Vodka.

The cask bitter will be brewed in the centre of Sheffield at an ABV of 4.1%. It will be distributed exclusively to True North venues.

The launch will be marked by an 80s themed party at Riverside Kelham, in Sheffield. Everyone from beer enthusiasts to former steelworkers will be invited to take a trip back in time and celebrate an era that defined the steel city.

Ross Percy, regional on-trade director at Molson Coors, said: “Stones cask has such a strong association with Sheffield and we’re pleased to see it being brewed back in the heart of the city. With some of the best venues in the region and a fantastic brewing heritage, True North Brew Co. is the perfect partner to take over production and supply of this famous ale and it’s great to be working with them.”

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