Steve Skinner

Skinner’s Brewery has revealed that its charity of the year for 2020 is Man Down, an organisation which supports men’s mental health in Cornwall.

Steve Skinner (pictured) said: “Levels of anxiety are scary right now, and I’m sure mental health services are feeling the strain too. Check out the [Man Down] website and spend a moment appreciating the important work they are doing.

“These are really tough times, and my admiration for healthcare workers on the front line is massive. Come and see me when this is over, I’ll buy you a pint.”

He added: “On a positive note, we’re already dreaming of the day when Boris gets up on that podium and says to the whole country: ‘Go forth and party like you’ve never partied before. Drink pint after pint of your favourite Skinner’s beer, hug everyone you see, dance, sing and laugh, and do not any under circumstances leave the pub for at least a week. It will be one hell of a party.”

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