Petition claims BrewDog video mocks minoritiesA petition signed by more than 8,000 people is urging Brewdog to pull its new #DontMakeUsDoThis ad campaign, claiming it mocks homeless people, trans women and sex workers.

The petition was started by Care2, a worldwide organisation behind campaigns to help individuals, animals and the environment.

BrewDog has dismissed complaints against the video, which is part of its latest Equity for Punks campaign, claiming it was “in the spirit of fun” and that “no offense was intended”.

Spokesperson for Care 2 and petition author, Beth Granter, said: “The response from Brewdog is disappointing and misses the point. It shows that they are not listening to the voices of LGBTQ people and sex workers, many of whom have signed the petition against the video, and who do not feel that the video is ‘in the spirit of fun’.

“They are clearly mocking marginalised groups of people and that’s just bad business. By saying ‘don’t make us do this’ and ‘I’d need a bath afterwards, BrewDog’s campaign is, at the very least, feeding into transphobic and anti-sex worker attitudes.

“Intent is not the point. Plain and simple, BrewDog’s campaign is offensive and insulting to trans women and sex workers, and BrewDog needs to apologise and pull the video now.”

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