The Fuller’s & Friends brewers meet to discuss their collaborations


Fuller’s has announced a second series of its Fuller’s & Friends collaborations, with the brews available in a special six-pack.

The pack, due to be released in late spring, will be sold exclusively in Waitrose & Partners and will see Fuller’s collaborate with Magic Rock from England, Pilot from Scotland, Tiny Rebel from Wales, Stone & Wood from Australia, Woodstock from South Africa and Mack from Norway.

Six of Fuller’s brewers will each partner up with a brewery to put their heads together and create a different style of beer to go in to one six-pack.

The beer styles and format are still a work in progress, and further announcements will be made as the project develops — updates can be found on social media using the hashtag #FullersandFriends.


‘New friendships’


Fuller’s head brewer, Georgina Young, said: “I’m so excited about this new project and these new friendships. Last year’s beers were a really eclectic mix of styles, which made an interesting pack of beers. This year, we’re going to work on even more beer styles, embracing trends and flavours from our international colleagues.

“Waitrose is a great partner for this project, too. They understand the excitement it creates in all the brewers and that there is opportunity for some wild and wacky brews to be concocted — Waitrose has given us brewers free reign on creativity when it comes to beer styles.

“We’re still at the early stages of this, so there are a lot of conversations to be had and beers to be drunk before we finalise plans, and I look forward to every step of this project.”

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