Kelp Kernow Imperial Stout bread

Kelp Bakery’s Coastal Brewery Kernow Imperial Stout Bread

Neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours. Even when you’re in a brewery on an industrial estate. No, especially when you’re in a brewery on an industrial estate.

As you may know, Beer Today shares office space with Coastal Brewery-owned Cornwall Specialist Beer, a bottle shop and bar. Over the road from us is the fledgling, but rapidly growing Kelp Bakery, owned by Alfie Opie who, after experience working in Michelin-starred kitchens, is now enjoying life as an artisan baker.

You’ll find loaves and rolls available at various markets in mid and west Cornwall, and among the portfolio is a bread made using Coastal Brewery’s Kernow Imperial Stout.

This strong, robust stout (9% ABV) gives incredible depth to the bread, which smells like a boozy malt loaf when you cut into it. On the palate it’s rich and fruity and, when I was in full research mode at the weekend, it went well with blue cheese (the variety I tried was a bit creamy — I suspect a stronger aged Stilton would have been even better). Brussels paté worked well, too, especially with the addition of some caramelised onion chutney, while Mrs Norbury reported that honey worked well, too. Even with just a thickish layer of Rodda’s butter on board it was a delight.

I’ve tried some of the other breads, too, including the sourdough (delightful with particularly ripe, runny Brie) and they’re great. Check out Kelp’s Facebook page for details of where to buy their wares.

If you’re inspired by the new series of Great British Bake-Off, starting today, and you fancy trying a beer bread recipe, then how about having a look at one beer writer and enthusiastic home cook Melissa Cole posted a few weeks back on her blog, Let Me Tell You About Beer. Good beer suggestions there for those who don’t have immediate access to a bottle of Kernow Imperial Stout. But do look out for it!