The Campaign for Real Ale has asked the Competitions and Markets Authority to investigate the proposed joint venture between Carlsberg and Marston’s. CAMRA believes the deal could have significant anti-competitive effects on the UK beer and pub market.

Tom Stainer CAMRA
CAMRA chief executive, Tom Stainer

CAMRA wants the CMA to commit to triggering what is known as the Article 9 referral procedure, meaning that the UK competition body could lead an investigation instead of the EU Commission, because the joint venture will mainly affect the UK beer and pub market.   

CAMRA’s calculations show that the UK beer and pub market is becoming less and less competitive with every new merger or acquisition of a smaller brewer by a global brand. Global brewers currently have a 25.25% share of UK pub companies, which, by CAMRA’s calculations, will rise to nearly 32% if the proposed joint venture is allowed to proceed without intervention. 

CAMRA chief executive, Tom Stainer, said:  “Since the day that it was announced, CAMRA has raised serious concerns about the proposed Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company and choice for beer drinkers, pub-goers, and over the future of British beers, brands and breweries.  

“We wrote to the CMA back in June and asked them to investigate. We were surprised to be told that it wasn’t a matter for them, and that we should talk to the EU Commission instead. We don’t understand why the CMA does not seem interested in investigating something that will clearly have an impact on choice of beer on the bar in pubs. 

“The Competition and Markets Authority exists to promote competition for the benefit of consumers, therefore it is disappointing that they are seemingly disinterested in investigating something that will have potentially anti-competitive effects on the UK beer and pub market. 

“It is vital that the CMA steps up the plate, thoroughly investigates the proposed joint venture between Marston’s and Carlsberg, and helps to ensure there is fair competition, access to market for brewers, and decent consumer choice when it comes to beer and pubs up and down the country.” 

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