Moor Beer Co has announced the Threads Project, which will examine the origins of porters and stouts as blended beers, made up of young and aged brews.

Moor Threads Project

As part of its barrel-ageing programme, the brewer thought it would be interesting to recreate this blending in a little way.

“We have Two Threads as a blend of our Brett barrel-aged History Repeats, our Victorian imperial stout recreation, and our normal Stout. Alongside it we’ve got Three Threads, which is the same but with our session bitter, Nano Cask, blended in.”

On Friday, 19th April, the brewery will run an exclusive event where visitors will get an opportunity to hear the stories of these beers, taste them side by side, and try their hand at making their own blend.

The following day, the brewery is hosting the Cantillon Zwanze celebration, so it will be a big weekend for lovers of historic beers. Find out more here.