Harvey’s Brewery has introduced an ‘Authentically Brewed’ seal which will adorn all of its packaged and draught beers, offering a promise of authenticity and quality.

Harvey's seal

For more than two centuries, Harvey’s Brewery says it has forged a unique identity, fuelled by independence. From its brewing techniques to its guiding principles, the brewery has upheld its commitment to doing things its way, without compromising on the quality that has become synonymous with the Harvey’s brand.

The term ‘authentic’ is at the heart of Harvey’s ethos, defined not only as ‘in the traditional or original way’, but also as being ‘true to your own values and spirit.’ The introduction of the Authentically Brewed seal is a symbolic endorsement of the values that have defined Harvey’s throughout its rich history.

The seal encapsulates six key attributes that have remained constants at the brewery:

  • A heritage, gravity-fed tower brewery
  • Fresh spring water from an artesian well
  • Copper-fabricated brewing kettles
  • Local whole-leaf hops and a traditional hop back
  • Open fermenting vessels with gravity skimming
  • A unique yeast, re-pitched for more than 60 years

“At Harvey’s, fresh spring water, whole-leaf hops, and a unique yeast strain are pre-requisites,” said Miles Jenner, head brewer and joint managing director. “Time honoured methods of production are also important. The tower brewery, copper brewing kettles, open fermenting tuns, and yeast cropping techniques create beers that are true to their origins.

“It’s all about preserving best brewing practice. Our ‘Authentically Brewed’ seal celebrates both continuity and the resultant beer.”

To accompany the unveiling of the Authentically Brewed seal, Harvey’s has released a video providing a behind-the-scenes look at time time-honoured brewing process.