DRTY Drinks Ltd, which distributes French cider brand Galipette in the UK, has been unveiled as the UK distributor for Berlin-based craft beer brand BRLO.

BRLO bottles

BRLO, whose Berlin BRWHOUSE and beer-garden receives more than 250,000 visitors per year, brews a range of distinctive takes on traditional beer styles. The range includes the hoppy Happy Pils, and the alcohol-free beer Naked.

Earlier this year, BRLO was one of three breweries worldwide to collaborate with Budvar on a Czech-style lager, alongside Mikeller in Denmark and Thornbridge in the UK.

“The first order has landed in the UK and I have a very good feeling,” said BRLO founder Katharina Kurz. “Don’t be afraid. We are not just another German beer. We give it a new and disruptive face — call it Berlin attitude.”

DRTY’s co-founders, Matija Pisk and Oli Clements, said: “Having worked with Galipette to grow the brand in the UK, it feels good to formally announce the distribution side of our business.

“BRLO will become our second partner brand, and we are super excited to announce its arrival on UK shores.”

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