Leith-based Campervan Brewery has announced that its flagship session IPA, Leith Juice, is now gluten free, as its whole range will be soon.

Leith Juice

Transforming Leith Juice into a gluten-free product comes after another firm favourite, Leith Pils, was made gluten free in 2022.

Since then, Campervan Brewery has been in the spotlight after releasing Scotland’s first gluten-free nitro porter, Extra Black, in early 2023.

“This change was an easy decision for us as a brewery,” said Campervan Brewery owner, Paul Gibson. “We are constantly thinking of ways to make our beers more accessible for our customers, and after the success of Leith Pils and Extra Black, making Leith Juice gluten free is a bit of a no-brainer.”

The decision comes after a run of success for the brewery. In September, it was named Scottish small brewery of the year at the Scottish Beer Awards. If that wasn’t enough, Northern Switch was named best pale ale and Leith Pils came second in best pilsner. 

Patrick Smith, production manager at Campervan, said: “Making Leith Juice gluten free hasn’t affected its flavour. In truth, if you’ve had a Leith Juice in the past few months, chances are it was gluten free already. We can’t wait to update our messaging and can labels to make it official!”