Verdant Brewing’s new taproom in Penryn, Cornwall, is to host an evening of art and music next Tuesday, 10th May.

Verdant Brewing Co

When Verdant was founded, in 2014, the intention was always to create a taproom which would be a community hub. IT would be, say the brewers, “a special space to create an experience that reflects the ethos and thinking of Verdant and the team behind the beers”.

Now, Verdant has teamed with the GASS Collective, a group of recent BA and MA graduate artists, based in Cornwall. They work across a variety of media, including sculpture, photography, painting, and filmmaking. They are big on community and creating a supportive, creative network. Their work covers important and thought-provoking topics, inviting and inspiring thought, consideration, discussion, wonder, and curiosity.

Next week’s event will bring together art, beer, pizza, and live music. Exhibiting artists are Alice Cooke, Ellie Brown, Cat Horton, Amberley Long, Mary Trapp, Caroline Wilkins, Charlotte Pulfer, Antonia Glücksman, and Elizabeth Langley.

The artists will be showing sculpture, film, drawing, painting, and installations in Verdant’s Taproom at Perkengue, on the Kernick Industrial Estate, in Penryn. Local musician Kevin Gitsham, aka PineappleManDJ, will be playing a DJ set from 7pm.