Harvey’s Brewery is closing a number of its managed pubs for two weeks this month, to undertake maintenance and to give staff a well-earned break.

Harvey's Brewery Ewan Munro/CC
Photograph: Ewan Munro/Creative Commons

The news comes as the company reports a 49% drop in turnover to £11.5m in the year to 31st December, 2021. However, there was a boost of £750,000 from e-commerce sales.

The company said: “With many costs fixed, gross profit reduced by 77% resulting in an operating loss of £157,317 after restructuring costs.

Harvey’s production volumes mirrored company turnover with a decline of 48% during the year, but e-commerce activity delivered £750,000 of new sales.”

The company has also, sadly, reported the death of the most senior member of the Harvey family, Audrey Elder. Her father, Eric Rundle, served as managing director, and subsequently chairman, of Harvey’s in a career that spanned more than half a century. Audrey died in New Year’s Eve, aged 94.

Temporary pub closures

Blackboys Inn, Near Uckfield10th-23rd January
John Harvey Tavern, Lewes10th-23rd January
The Lamb, Eastbourne10th-23rd January
The Lord Nelson, Brighton10th-23rd January
Old Dunnings Mill, East Grinstead10th-23rd January
Red Lion, Stonecross Pevensey12th-16th January
The Royal Oak, LondonRe-opens 11th January
White Hart, Crawley10th-23rd January
The Mars & Otter, BrightonOpen as usual
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