The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz will be returning to pubs in March next year, with a new charity partner in Shelter. There will also be a new way to host and play, using online quiz platform Kwizzbit.

World's Biggest Pub Quiz

After a year out due to lockdown, organiser PubAid is hoping for a record number of pubs and customers taking part, and a record sum raised for charity.

Pubs will be encouraged to run the quiz between 14th and 20th March, though there is flexibility to host it at any time during the month. The quiz is free for pubs to run. For further information and to save the date, visit

PubAid founder, Des O’Flanagan, said: “We’re delighted to be back, after covid forced us to cancel the quiz earlier this year. Shelter’s work with people facing homelessness has never been more important, so we’re confident there will be widespread support for the charity among pub-goers.

“We took the opportunity during our time out to explore ways of ways of refreshing the quiz, and we’re pleased to be working with Kwizzbit, which allows licensees to host a traditional, fun pub quiz on their smartphone, with technology making it easier to run and offering features that make it more engaging for customers and drive greater footfall into the pub.” 

Homeless charity Shelter was chosen as the quiz’s new partner following the covid lockdown. Currently, 91 families become homeless every day in England.  Money raised in the quiz will help Shelter give information, advice, and support to those facing homelessness.

Fundraising pack

Pubs will be encouraged to host the quiz in aid of Shelter, but have the freedom to support another charity. A number of pubs choose to divide funds raised from their quiz between the charity partner and a cause closer to home.

All pubs signing up to host the World’s Biggest Pub Quiz will receive a free fundraising pack ,including posters and social media assets.

Using Kwizzbit offers licensees a number of benefits over a traditional paper quiz. Instead of having to mark sheets, scores are calculated after every question to generate real-time leaderboards, saving time and creating a competitive, engaging atmosphere. It’s also cheat-proof, as faster answers score more points, and it’s simple to run: all you need is internet access.

The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz was launched in 2016, and has raised a total of £750,000 for hundreds of charities.

Max Newton, head of community fundraising at Shelter, said: “Everyone at Shelter is absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the World’s Biggest Pub Quiz. We’re looking forward to communities across the country coming together in their local pub to have fun and quiz. The money they raise will help us be there for anyone facing homelessness.”

Shelter will be promoting the quiz across its supporters and via its network of shops.

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