A campaign to save the Prince of Wales pub in Newtown, St Martin, is gathering pace with a new share issue campaign.

Prince of Wales

A group of locals have fought hard to save the 17th century pub since it was closed. The owners have attempted to get permission for change of use of the building, and to build two additional homes on the car park. These plans have not been supported by Cornwall Council, though.

The Friends of the Prince of Wales have already raised £100,000 in conditional funding and have now set up a share issue so locals can invest in the project. Investments start at £200.

A spokesperson said on social media: “Our local pub needs you! We are in an exciting position where we have the chance to raise funds to save our local pub, the historic and charming Prince of Wales Inn in Newtown, St Martin, Cornwall. This 17th Century pub has the chance to be saved and brought into community ownership.

“We have already raised over £100,000 in conditional funding and now we are at the crucial juncture of raising further funds through our share offer, giving you the chance to contribute to saving and protecting the future of our pub.”

You can find out more and invest via the campaign website. To donate a smaller sum to help the cause, there is also a Just Giving page.

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