Beerwolf Books, in Falmouth, is once again fighting a plan to build housing in front of and behind the town centre pub.

Beerwolf plan

There is a proposal for eight flats, within a two-storey building in front of the pub, and a five-storey building behind, with a garage for one car.

People are being asked to comment on the Cornwall Council website if they feel the development would:

  • constitute over-development of a historic setting and conservation area
  • be overbearing in a small area, cramming in inadequate accommodation
  • have a negative impact on the façade of a grade II listed historic building
  • result in loss of light to a public house
  • affect the privacy of neighbours by overlooking
  • create huge disruption to public right of ways
  • impact negatively on parking amenities within the area
  • impact negatively on local businesses, both during construction and once built
  • contradict the aims of the Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan, which specifically protects architectural heritage in Falmouth as well as green open spaces

A spokesperson for Beerwolf, a busy freehouse attracting all ages, with its ow bookshop, said: “Bell’s Court is a valuable part of historic Falmouth, dating back to the 17th century and used as the customs house, packet station, the house of Captain Bell and family, the post office and the working men’s club.

“If you look through the heritage impact sssessment, you will see that the Cornwall Archaeological Unit have said that ‘the proposed development of the two-storey building within the area… is likely to have a negative visual impact on the frontage of 3 Bell’s Court. This is an important grade II listed building, and the finest part of the Bell’s Court range… It is now an important component of Falmouth’s historic townscape.”

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