The results of the Brussels Beer Challenge have been revealed during a ceremony at Horeca Expo, in Gand.

Brussels Beer Challenge

With 80 medals, Belgium remains the leading award-winner, ahead of Italy (33 medals) and the United States (32 medals). China won the award for the best beer in the competition, and Norway the title of brewery of theyear, for the Lindheim Ølkompani brewery.

The 10th Brussels Beer Challenge registered a significant increase in entries, compared with previous events. Nearly 1,800 beers from 35 different countries were judged at the end of October by a panel of international beer professionals.

Belgium came out in force to take part, in a bid to hold on to its leadership position. And its bid paid off with a total 80 Belgian beers from 53 breweries coming away with a medal.

Noteworthy accolades were the gold medal and title of best Belgian beer in the competition, which went to Malheur 10, from the De Landtsheer brewery, in Buggenhout. The Dupont, Palm, and Alken-Maes & Huygue replicated the achievement by winning gold medals for the Bon Vœux, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Affligem blonde and Sint Idesbald Rousse beers. The performance of the 3F brewery is also remarkable. The Frameries-based brewery won gold in the tripel category with the Domincains tripel beer, which was no mean feat in a category with more than 100 competitors.

China is gradually consolidating its status as a top-ranking beer producing country. With 18 medals, including nine gold, the country ranks fifth on the medal chart. The Dangge Brewing brewery in Beijing also won the coveted Comac accolade awarded to the best beer in the competition. The awarded beer is an Imperial Stout exuding vanilla and coffee notes.

The other surprise came from Norway which saw the Lindheim Ølkompani brewery farm awarded the prestigious title of 2021 brewery of the year, a title that had been awarded to the Dupont brewery in the province of Hainaut. The Lindheim Ølkompani farm located in the county of Telemark in southern Norway specialises in producing the fruits that it uses as ingredients for its beers. The Norwegian brewery took 3 medals home, including a gold for its Sour Cherry — Farmer’s Reserve.

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