The A-Z of Soho and Fitzrovia, by Jonny Homer, has been published posthumously following the Shepherd Neame communications executive’s death in July.

Johnny Homer
Johnny Homer with one of his previous books, East End Pubs

Johnny, 56, lived in Whitstable and worked for Shepherd Neame for eight years. He died in July 2021, leaving a wife, Lydia, and daughter Harriet.

Before joining Shepherd Neame, Johnny worked as a journalist and was also a popular broadcaster, best known for his regular contributions to the Robert Elms Show on BBC Radio London during the past two decades.

From Karl Marx to Mozart, Casanova to Jimi Hendrix, the inventor of television to the man who introduced the espresso machine into England, The A-Z of Soho and Fitzrovia offers an irreverent insight into two of London’s most vibrant and bohemian neighbourhoods.

The book is available now, priced £15.99, from Amberley Books.

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