Pubs and hotels firm Fuller’s recorded a pre-tax profit of £10.6 million in the half-year to 25th September.

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The company says business is rebuilding well after covid restrictions, although it continues to face cost pressures.

Chief executive, Simon Emeny, said: “While the first half of this financial year has been a story of slowly returning to some semblance of what was known as normality, I am proud of what we have achieved.

“We have used the time wisely, planning for the future, further improving our already robust infrastructure, and focusing on our people, our properties, our supplier relationships, and our systems.”

He added: “We are pleased with the steady growth we are seeing across our pubs and hotels, and we will benefit as international tourists return and office workers continue to head back to their desks and colleagues.

“There are a number of well-documented issues facing the industry as a whole, and, while we are not immune, we are a long-standing business that is well funded, backed by a substantial, predominately freehold estate, and has the benefit of experience to help us navigate through.

“Our vision and strategy are clear, consistent, and relevant. We have a well-balanced business in both style and geography, and we have a first-class team of dedicated people right across the company. Fuller’s has, and always will have, a long-term view and a strategic plan that reflects that, and we will continue to deliver it.”

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