Croatian online retailer The Wine&More has launched the Croatian Founders’ Craft Beer Box, a selection of 16 top rated, best-selling beers from three of the most prominent Croatian craft breweries.

Croatian craft beer

Croatia has a booming and diverse craft beer market. After decades of having only a few ‘classic’ beer options available from industrial macro lager makers, the demand for new tastes and brews has grown and customers are craving for more quirky and original options.

Less than a decade ago, young craft breweries started appearing on a beer map of Croatia, pushing a new trend and revitalising the country’s beer drinking scene. Three of these breweries — Zmajska, Nova Runda, and Varionica — brought together their best, most interesting brews to create a Croatian Craft Founders Beer Box together with The Wine&More.

The limited edition Croatian Founders’ Craft Beer Box is available exclusively on The Wine&More website.

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