Pub-goers, landlords, and bar staff have responded in their thousands to have their say on how pubs and communities have been affected by the pandemic.

beer in pub

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Pubs (Pubs APPG) inquiry on the impact of the pandemic on pubs, landlords, and communities received 15,000 responses in its first week. It will be accepting further submissions until 21st May.

The Pubs APPG is cross-party group of MPs who aim to promote and campaign for the interests of pubs, landlords, and the communities around these pubs, both in Westminster and beyond.

Responses to the inquiry will be used to produce recommendations to the government on what action needs to be taken to help pubs thrive post-pandemic.

Pubs APPG chair, Charlotte Nichols MP, said: “I want to thank everyone who has taken part already. Your responses are an incredibly moving testament to just how important pubs are to communities.

“As more and more pubs are able to re-open, it is increasingly important that they’re valued by government for the key role they can play in our social and community recovery from the pandemic.

“I particularly want to encourage licensees and pub staff to continue to make your voices heard and take part in the inquiry. Your expertise will be vital in producing recommendations for government that will truly support your businesses and communities.”

• Submissions, or questions about making a submission, can be sent to