The Brewers Association is to sponsor the Great British Beer Festival’s Transatlantic Bar for the 14th consecutive year and will be showcasing a diverse range of high quality, creative and innovative American craft beers, most of which are unavailable in the UK.

Around 27 small and independent American craft brewers will be represented, pouring well over 100 beers, from imperial barrel-aged gin goses to Russian imperial stouts. Lighter styles will be featured, such as wheat beers, Berlinerweisses, Pilsners and Kölsch, through to imperial porters, coffee porters, barrel-aged stouts or barrel-aged rye ales.

A vast range of ever-popular IPAs will be available, including gold medal winners from either the World Beer Cup or Great American Beer Festival, as well as an extensive selection of saisons, sours, witbiers and tripels.

Many of the beers represented at this year’s GBBF are rare and sought after, even in America, and are being flown across the Atlantic for this year’s festival to arrive tasting super-fresh and in tip-top condition.




Bob Pease, chief executive and president of the Brewers Association, said: “Innovation is one of the hallmarks of the American craft brewing movement and this year’s selection of beers from our Export Development Programme (EDP) members demonstrates just that.

“The UK is an important export market for American craft beer, accounting for 10.5% of all global exports, and grew 7.1% last year. Demand for American craft beer in the UK remains strong and is testimony to the quality and diversity of the American craft brewing industry.

“The Great British Beer Festival is an important occasion for our EDP members because it allows us to showcase those small and independent breweries already in the UK, as well as those looking to break into the market.

“We are proud of our long-standing and successful relationship with CAMRA and grateful to them for their continued support of American craft beer. We look forward to welcoming publicans, on- and off-premises operators, and media to Bar 09 to sample high-quality examples of America’s dynamic, innovative and inspirational craft brewing scene.”

• For a full list of the beers, click here

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