Argyll-based brewery Fyne Ales has introduced a range of beers as part of a new, ongoing project to showcase provenance and its status as an authentic Scottish farmhouse brewery.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, Fyne Ales Origins Brewing will release collections of complex and exciting beers, with mixed fermentation, use of wood and barrels, and locally-sourced and foraged ingredients all featuring heavily in the production.

Fyne Ales managing director, Jamie Delap, said: “For over 15 years we’ve been brewing outstanding beers on a working farm in north west Scotland. We are immensely proud of being a farmhouse brewery.

“Fyne Ales is uniquely positioned in Scotland to create adventurous, unorthodox beers that tell a story and give a sense of where they were brewed in every drop, which is why we’ve introduced Origins Brewing.”

Autumn collection

The original Fyne Ales brewery, a converted dairy building, has been dedicated to Origins Brewing production, with the first four small-batch beers Being released on December 11. The autumn 2017 collection includes:

  • Pandora (8.3% ABV), an aged, mixed fermentation saison, conditioned on foraged blackberries
  • Kilkerran Wee Heavy (7.6%), a dark Scotch ale matured in Kilkerran whisky barrels
  • Amphora (8.1%), a blended grape ale fermented in wine barrels with sweet cherries
  • Goodnight, Summer (5.4%), a tart wheat beer brewed with camomile and aged on gooseberries

The introduction of Origins Brewing follows a huge increase in interest in complex, small-batch beer in the USA.

Fyne Ales brewer, Andrea Ladas, said: “Origins Brewing is the realisation of a vision that we began shaping over four years ago. Talking to and visiting breweries like Jester King, Allagash and Hill Farmstead over the past few years, we’ve been hugely inspired by what they’re doing to make creative beers that are proudly a product of and showcase of their environment.”

The new beers will be showcased with a pairing menu on Saturday, December 9, at Inver, an acclaimed Argyll restaurant specialising in locally sourced and foraged ingredients, before going on sale from the Fyne Ales website from December 11.

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