BrewDog has announced to its shareholders that private equity firm TSG Partners has acquired a 22% stake in the business for £100m.

Co-founder of BrewDog, James Watt, told Equity Punks, as the company’s shareholders are known: “The equity partnership with TSG will enable us to execute our five-year [expansion] plan more rapidly and better take advantage of the global growth opportunity we have built for ourselves. The deal will enable us to take our business, and your investment in BrewDog to the next level.”

Shareholders are being given the chance to hold on to their stake, or sell 15% (capped at 40 shares per investor). Those who don’t sell any shares are being rewarded with six cans of BrewDog’s new Vermont Style IPA.

The sale seems to mark a departure from BrewDog’s early days of independence and standing out from the big global brands.

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