The first UK-based brewery to focus entirely on low- and no-alcohol beer is set to brew its first craft beer today (February 16).

Nirvana Brewery Co, based in East London, aims to produce great quality, full-flavoured craft beers, but with low or no alcohol.

Co-founder, Steve Dass, said: “I came up with the idea after travelling and selling craft beer across many countries. I was asked several times, from mainly buyers overseas, whether I could offer them any good quality, low-alcohol beer.

“We know that a number of major breweries already have non-alcohol and low-ABV beers. We want to create a range of alcohol-free beers … without compromising on quality or taste, and sticking to traditional brewing methods.

“Ultimately, we want to produce a range of beers that can be enjoyed by those looking to cut down, as well as craft beer fans. Not sat lonely on a different shelf, but rather sat alongside all the other good quality craft beers.

“We are really excited with our initial feedback and we’ll do this by targeting specialist craft bars and bottle shops in London and around the country, as well as other brewery taprooms.”

Co-founder, Becky Kean, added: “We’ve already seen a huge rise of people wanting to drink non-alcoholic beer as part of a healthier lifestyle in both the UK and Europe.

“Last month we saw huge numbers of people having a dry January, but we want people to have the option to drink a good quality craft beer that is full in flavour but low in alcohol all year round.

“Our first aim is to secure a foothold for our craft beer in the UK during our the first year, with our aim to have all our beers certified organic before Christmas. We’ll then look further afield into Europe, especially Benelux countries, as well as South Korea, Japan and America.”


The Nirvana team