Signature Brew

Backstage IPA • Black Vinyl Stout • Treble


Signature Brew


Backstage IPA (5.6% ABV, can)
Hazy golden with a thick, white head. A piney, resinous aroma, really punchy, with a citrus edge. On the palate, it’s more balanced than I was expecting, but there’s a lovely tingle of orange and lemon on the tongue, with a Spangle-like fruit sweetness. Ah, the memories… There’s not too much bitterness, but a slight dryness on the finish. It’s a good, refreshing IPA with clean, fresh hop credentials. (04-04-2018)

Black Vinyl Stout (4.2% ABV, keg)
Black as night with a beige head, this is a ribust stout for its ABV. Dry roast malt with notes of coffee, plus some raspberry coming through. Yes to more, please. (12-12-2017)

Treble (9.4% ABV, can)
A big, robus, dank triple IPA, delivered from a beautifully designed can. On the nose, dank hops, some mango and a little stone fruit. On the palate, the body is rich and full, the fruit flavours are from a subdued, pastel pallette and weave beautifully with wholemeal bready malt. The finish is gently fruity with a nice but not palate-crushing bitterness. (05-06-2018)

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