Driftwood Spars

Driftwood Spars

CopperRed River RyeSundriftUnexpected

Copper (3.5% ABV, cask)
Golden / copper in colour, in fact, with a white head. This has a good amount of flavour for its low ABV, with peach and passion fruit against a backdrop of bready malt. There’s a hint of candy sugar, too. The aroma is light malt with a hint of tropical fruity. Oddly, a hint of Golden Syrup comes through on the finish. A really nice session bitter. (28-05-2015)

Red River Rye (4.8% ABV, cask)
It’s autumn, and I love a red ale in the autumn. This is a beauty, drunk while sitting fireside in the Driftwood Spars’ lovely stone-walled bar. A deep red/amber colour, crystal clear, with an off-white head. There’s bready malt with hints of rich caramel, berry notes and gentle bitterness on the finish. (09-11-16)

Sundrift (4.5% ABV, cask)
Deep golden in colour, there are slightly spicy hops in this easy-drinking best bitter. The refreshing brew offers orange and stone fruit hop flavours, with gentle bitterness on the finish. A nice sessionable brew. (15-04-2017)

Unexpected (4% ABV, bottle)
A Cornish gluten-free beer which pours straw coloured and is very, very lively! Froth keeps emerging from the bottle for a minute or two like a beery Vesuvius. The aroma is of Fruit Salad chew (remember them?) while on the palate there’s lemon, strawberry and nectarine. The body is quiet light, but then there isn’t any malt — just sorghum, dubbed a modern ‘supergrain’ because of its nutrition level and lack of gluten. It’s pretty good, though, a great refreshment on a summer’s day. (13-09-2017)

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