Cornish Crown Brewery

CausewayExtra Stout PorterGolden CrownHoneyfuggle • SPAWolf

Causeway (4.1% ABV, cask)
A brown session bitter with grassy, lemon pith notes from the hops and a nice grainy mouthfeel. There’s a background of bready malt to the brew, which drinks well and which has a gentle bitter finish. (16-08-2017)

Extra Stout Porter (5.9% ABV, cask) (pictured right)
Cornish Crown Extra Stout PorterIn my opinion, the best Cornish Crown brew. Very deep mahogany in colour with a beige head, there is malt and some nuttiness on the aroma, with a medicinal (in a good way) note. Ripe plum fruit comes through on the palate, with plum skin flavour adding an edge of bitterness, all against that fine malt background. Irresistible. (11-03-2017)

Golden Crown (4% ABV, cask)
A well-balanced golden beer, hopped with Admiral and Goldings varieties from the UK, and American Summit. The balance of flavours slightly favour the malt, which has a honeycomb note to it. (24-02-2016)

Honeyfuggle (4.5% ABV, cask)
A slightly hazy straw colour with a white head, the beer has notes of herbal hedgerow hops with a honey sweetness that builds well to a bittersweet finish. It’s fine, but I’m not mad about it. (06-05-2017)

SPA (4.8% ABV, cask)
Straw /light golden coloured with a white head that stays well, this is a decent, refreshing strong bitter. The aroma is slightly sulphury with resinous hop and a hint of orange citrus. Resinous hop comes with mandarin notes and a hint of spice on the palate, with the finish initially bitter then turning ti orange and passion fruit. (01-02-2017)

Wolf (4.5% ABV, cask)
A good example of a rye pale ale with lovely deep malt flavours — not what one might expect from a pale golden beer. The rye comes through on the aroma and adds bite to the malt on the palate. There are slight spicy and smokey notes. (07-05-2016)

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