Beer writers and bloggers

Alcohol by Volume: A journalist by day — working for Tech Advisor and Macworld — Chris Martin provides news and views on craft beer and ale. He also tries home brewing and has additional interests in spirits and music.

The Ale in Kaleigh: Kaleigh Watterson is a professional journalist who also blogs about beer and pubs in the Manchester area. Available for freelance commissions, she also has an interest in travel.

Bailey’s Beer Blog: The blog of long-standing CAMRA member and former off-licence owner and home brewer Paul Bailey.

Beany and Beer: A blog by journalist David Baxter with beer reviews and pieces on brewers, bars and pubs. A friend — Christine — offers insights on sour beers.

Beer Battered: Thoughtfully written and well illustrated essays on beer in the UK and further afield, sometimes with a side serving of food and travel.

Beer, Beats and Bites: Norwich writer and marketer Nate Southwood loves beer and heavy metal.

The Beer in Review: Beer reviews, as well as post about life, travel and food. Usually five reviews a week.

Beer Leeds: Brought up in a pub, Richard Coldwell blogs and beer and pubs. He has a pleasingly broad range of favourite beers and is part of the team behind the Clifford Champion Beer Festival. What makes his blog so enthralling are the superb pictures, used well.

Beer Viking: Freelance journalist whose hobbies are beer and Viking age re-enactment.

Beers I’ve Known: A blogger from Somerset now based in Northern Ireland and writing about the beer scene there.

Beers Manchester: A Manchester-based beer blogger in a “fightback against mediocre beer”.

The Beertonian: A blog dealing with beer, brewing and drinking in Burton upon Trent. The birth of Ian Webster’s blog coincided with a local brewery bringing back Double Diamond, albeit it under the name Dual Diamond for copyright reasons.

A Bitter Bloke: “Comment, musings and general nonsense about ales and the pubs they’re served in.” Updated Sundays.

Boak and Bailey: Ray and Jess, probably Britain’s most prolific beer and pub bloggers, now with two very well received books to their name: Brew Britannia and 20th Century Pub. With an interest in beer tasting, history and travel, their writing is always considered, but never dull, rolling along at a great pace.

Boozy Beer Blog: Short, pithy beer reviews from Chris Mullis, with a leaning towards West Country ales.

Brewing East: Beer reviews, events and brewery features from the East of London. Rebecca Pate — or Bex — has contributed to publications such as Time Out and is a contributor to the London Brewers’ Market blog.

Chester Beer Blog: Two Chester residents — one with hospitality experience, the other a journalism graduate — with “a passion for good beer, good food and good company”.

Craft Beer London: Experienced national newspaper journalist Will Hawkes runs this guide of capital brews under the umbrella of Blue Crow Media, which also produces a guide in the form of an app and a map.

Craft Beers and Burgers: A British site focusing on two staples of life.

The Crafty Beeress: Chatty, entertaining beer reviews from a London-based girl about town.

A Crafty One: Reviews and comments from a Manchester-based beer geek.

Ed’s Beer Site: “A site where a man with far too much interest in beer gets to write about it.”

The Fatal Glass of Beer: Beer and travel covered in extensive essays by Joe Tindall, well illustrated, with plenty of interesting detail.

Get Beer. Drink Beer: In-depth, well written beer reviews from Justin Mason.

The Half Pint Gentleman: Essex beer blogger and Leyton Orient aficionado.

Hardknott Dave’s Beer and Blog Stuff: The musings of Hardnott Brewery’s Dave Bailey.

Have I Got Brews for You: London-based blogger Kat Sewell chronicles her home brew career. Recipes and plenty of details on the methods.

Craig Heap: A Welsh beer blogger “celebrating the great ales of Wales”.

Home Brew Answers: A Cornwall-based home brewer, Neil McDonald, offers home brew advice.

Look at Brew: Blogging style and substance by Sussex-based Rach Smith.

Mashtun and Meow: Blogging about the Sheffield Brewing scene, with “occasional cat thrown in”.

Matching Food and Wine: Fiona Beckett’s’s world of wine and food matching occasionally features beers, too.

Meet and Drink: A freelance writer and journalist, Alastair Gilmourfocuses on the North East beer and pub scene, editing Cheers, a pubs and drinks magazine. A new project for December 2017 is the website Meet and Drink, which Alastair describes as “a digital business card”, to illustrate the range and style of his work as well as the breadth and variety of subject matter.

Musings of an Elusive Beer Geek: A Hampshire-based beer geek. Actually “not even slightly elusive”.

The Pub Curmudgeon: AKA Peter, AKA Old Mudgie. He says his blog is not a beer blog. “It’s a view of life from the saloon bar, not entirely about the saloon bar — which of course is a metaphorical place as well as a physical one. It is as much about political correctness and the erosion of lifestyle freedom as it is about pubs and beer. And, while I enjoy cask beer, I don’t assume that it is the only alcoholic beverage worth consuming.”

Quare Swally: Roy, from Northern Ireland’s, blog and reviews of beers locally and from around the world. “Remember the rule when choosing your beer — thon should be a quare swally.”

Reluctant Scooper: Sometimes serious, sometimes tongue in cheek, always a cracking read.

The Snap and the Hiss: Beer and food travels around the North of England, and occasionally further afield.

Stonch’s Beer Blog: A publican and former lawyer who began blogging in 2007.

A Swift One: Notes from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, “arguably the UK’s premier real ale town”.

Why So Beerious? Conceived as a lockdown project, the duo behind the site taste new beers, rave about favourite beers, and explore the brewing process.

Will Hawkes: A drink, food, and travel writer, contributing to The Guardian, Financial Times, Washington Post, Imbibe, and Good Food Australia.

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