Brewing supplies

Kent hops

Bairds Malt: A major UK maltster with a total annual production capacity of 255,000 tonnes.

Brewers Select: A malt, hops and flavourings supplier, associated with Bairds Malt, also offering cleaning solutions, consumables and finings and stabilisers.

CCL Pentasol: Supplier of speciality cleaning and hygiene chemicals for brewers and cider makers.

Charles Faram: An established hop supplier, of more than 150 years. It operates a hop development programme, creating new varieties for brewers.

Crisp Malt: Supplier of high-quality, flavoursome and versatile malts, grown in East Anglia, Scotland and other parts of the UK.

Hop Exchange: A way for brewers to buy, and list and sell, over-contracted hops. Listing is free of charge.

i-Keg: Supplying brewers of all sizes across the globe, the company’s plastic keg and retrofit tag deliver a solution to totally manage brewers’ container fleets, giving them full visibility of their kegs and casks while on and off site.

Lallemand Brewing: A specialist supplier of yeast, which also has laboratories to increase understanding of yeast characteristics, performance and purity.

Muntons: A producer of malt and malted ingredients, including malt extracts, fours and flakes for the food and drink industry.

Murphy and Son: Supplier of a huge range of brewing supplies, from malt and hops to finings and cask closures.

PolyKeg: Kegs for a wide range of carbonated products, from 12 to 30 litres, with or without a bag.

Saxon Packaging: An independent designer and manufacturer of corrugated products, cardboard packaging and boxes. The company can offer a wide range of custom-made products.

Simply Hops: A supplier not only of hops but of a variety of extracts, too, antifoams, head stabilisers and PHAs.