Wishbone Brewery

Black Imp (10.2% ABV, can)
At the time I’m writing this, this is beer of the year so far. Totally black with a tan head that stays well, the aroma is quite complex. Leather, whisky, treacle, bitter coffee. The palate is a huge and very pleasant surprise. Warming and flavoursome, with a really smooth body. You can certainly tell that it’s been aged in whisky barrels! Rich, dark, booze-soaked fruit comes through, molasses sweetness, and that hit of bitter coffee. Absolutely bloody gorgeous.
Buy it: I bought mine from the brewery website.
(8th January, 2021)

Wishbone Black Imp

Rubus Idaeus (4.5% ABV, can)
Pinky/orange in colour with good carbonation and a white head that stays well, this has raspberry as its dominant aroma (rubus idaeus is raspberry in Latin). And it tastes of raspberry! It retains a tartness when it could have turned out over-sweet. Pleasant and refershing, I’m sure it’s more suited a summer day than the autumn evening in which I’m enjoying it.
Buy it: Mine was sent to me by the brewery. It’s available on the brewery website.
(24th November, 2020)

Wishbone Rubus Idaens

Tiller Pin (4.2% ABV, can)
Hazy light gold with a very forceful white head. Hop aromas pour out as the can hisses open. Piney, resinous, light lemon, grapefruit. On the palate, not quite full-on fruity — there’s a nice dank note, too. But those big-hitting citrus notes are there, along with some mango. A good bitter note carried through to the satisfying finish. There’s a lot going on for 4.2% in a beer which will delight American hop lovers. A cracking example of a modern American pale.
Buy it: Mine was sent to me by the brewery. It’s available on the brewery website.

Wishbone Brewery | Keighley, West Yorkshire

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