St Peter’s Brewery

Christmas Ale (7% ABV, bottle)
Very rich amber with an off-white head that stays fairly well. On the nose, the Christmas spices advertised on the front of the famous oval bottle take precedence over a rich caramel malt. The malt is more toffee-like on the palate and there are some notes of date and cherry, but those spices are the stars. I write this review in mid-November, but this beer conjures up those days at the height of the lead-up to Christmas, puddings and cakes baking, and pine cones releasing their compfrting aroma. A real taste of Christmas in a glass. Gives you lovely warmth.
Buy it: I was sent mine. It’s part of the 12 Beers of Christmas box from Beers of Europe.
(15th November, 2020)

St Peter’s Brewery | Bungay, Suffolk | Untappd ratings

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