Sharp’s Brewery

Doom Bar Zero (0.0% ABV, bottle)
I’ve had some unpleasant experiences with alcohol-free beers (step forward Old Speckled Hen AF) and approached this with a degree of scepticism, but I’m prepared to eat my words. Nice bready malt notes, hints of berry fruit, and a gentle bitter finish. There’s not too much in the way of aroma — what there is is malty ans spciy — but hey, this is a pretty good reproduction of ‘full-alc’ Doom Bar. It’s the same light amber as normal Doom, with a cream coloured head that stays well.
Buy it: it’s widely available, and you can buy it on Sharp’s website.

Scarlet Shores (4.9% ABV, bottle)
This was a limited release in cask for winter 2020/21, but I managed to get hold of a bottle direct from the brewery. It’s a polished, deep red/chestnut colour, with a foaming tan head that stays well. Berry fruit bursts through on the aroma and would probably be all the more bold were it not for that thick collar of foam. The fruit comes through well on the palate, along with bready malt and vibrant spicing. It’s a festive cracker of a beer, with a smooth, easy-drinking body, and a lovely bitter finish.
Buy it: I was sent mine by Sharp’s.
(31st December, 2020)

Sharp's Scarlet Shores

Wolf Rock (4.8% ABV, bottle)
Deep red — as a red IPA should be — with a tan head that stays really well. There’s malt and berry fruit on the nose, which could lull you into thinking it was a West Country best bitter, but there’s a good hop burst as you dive in to taste it, with citrus and pine breaking through the background sweetness. Love a pint of this in the Balcony, St Ives, on draught, but lockdown puts paid to this at the moment. Chilled lightly, though, the bottle is a decent substitute.
Buy it: it’s widely available, and you can buy it on Sharp’s website.
(10th November, 2020)

Sharp's Wolf Rock

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