Rock Leopard Brewing Co

Distant Cousin of a Mu Mu Cat (6.2% ABV, can)
Easy drinking for its ABV, this brew has an intriguing, complex flavour. Straw coloured, with a white head that stays well, it smells quite herbal and resinous, with some grassy and mango tones. There’s dank pineapple on the palate, and notes of lemon sherbet, spicy and earthy on the finish. I started out thinking this wasn’t quite up my strasse, taste-wise, but the more I had, the more it grew on me. Looking froward to another Rock Leopard sometime!
Buy: I got mine from the Red Elephant Beer Cellar, Truro. It’s available in the brewery shop.
(20th April, 2020)

Rock |Leopard Mu Mu

Rock Leopard Brewing Co | London | Untappd ratings

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