Northern Monk

Faith (5.4% ABV, can)
Hazy straw coloured with a white head that stays well, this is a delightful, juicy pale ale. There are resinous hops and a little hint of tartness on the nose. Herbal notes in there, as well. On the palate, pineapple, tarragon, lemon, some spiciness. The body is full and smooth, and the finish has a nice fruity bitterness. Sales include a donation to NHS charities.
Buy: I got mine from Tesco. Also available on the brewer’s website
(9th May, 2020)

Northern Monk Faith

New World India Ple Ale (6.2% ABV, can)
Can conditioned, this is a really tasty and satisfying New World IPA. Hazy golden, it has a thick, foaming white head. Fruit on the aroma — peach and mango, I’d say — with a pine edge. The body is big and smooth, the flavour bold and refreshing. The condition is beautiful, even though it’s nearly two months out of date, thanks to the shop having to close up to now because of lockdown). There’s fresh pine and zingy cirtus in abundance, stone fruit, and good malt base. I thought there might be some oats on the malt bill, but the can says otherwise.
Buy: I got mine from Johns, in St Ives.
(25th May, 2020)

Northern Monk | Leeds

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