Hogs Back Brewery

A Over T (9% ABV, bottle)
One of those rarest of style these days, a barley wine. Deep amber/red with a beige head, on the nose it’s definitely boozy! With robust malt, caramel, and rich fruit, it’s very inviting. So much on the palate: dried fruit, orange, plum, red apple, toffee, bready malt. Oh, that’s lovely — warming and comforting.
(15th June, 2021)

Hogs Back A Over T

Hop Garden Gold (4.4% ABV, bottle)
Bright gold with a white head that doesn’t linger long. Good carbonation fires an aroma of summer hedgerow and light citrus. More hop character comes through on the palate.. Orange citrus, but also some berry tartness, all nicely balanced by some light bready malt. A good, late summer, harvest time quaffer, if a bit on the sweet side for me.
(22nd December, 2022)

Hogs Back Hop Garden Gold

RIP Snorter (5% ABV, bottle)
Perfect for a winter afternoon, this amber/red brew is all about the malt. On the nose, rich caramel and red apple skin. On the palate, toffee, digestive biscuit, plums, and a hint of bitter chocolate. A nicely old fashioned malt showcase of a beer for which a swet tooth might be an advantage.
(24th January, 2023)

Hogs Back RIP Snorter

TEA (4.2% ABV, bottle)
Clear, polished, rich amber, with an off-white head, there are berries and toffee on the aroma. Toffee malt sweetness carries through to the palate, with herbal and spicy hedegrow hop flavours and some berries. A lovely, traditional, easy-drinking bitter which has become a modern classic for a reason.
Buy it: I was sent mine by the brewer. It’s available on the brewery website.
(24th May, 2022)

Hogs Back TEA

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