Goodh Brewing Co

Enigma IPA (7% ABV, can)
Slightly hazy gold with a voluminous white head, this beer is part of Goodh’s Anker series. Gold it may be, but there are berry notes on the nose. If it is, indeed, featuring the Enigma hop, that is one of the variety’s signature notes. Really decent IPA, this one, with a good bitter bite. Those berry notes come through on the palate, but there’s also a light white grape quality, and some zingy citrus. Deep, yet refreshing. Good work, Goodh.
(28th September, 2021)

Goodh Enigma IPA

Joe (5.8% ABV, can)
Black, black, black, with a tan head, there’s a real hit of espresso on the aroma, along with roast malt. Ooh, it’s a lovely stout. Smooth and full bodied with that espresso kick. I even get a little black cherry fruitiness.
Buy it: It’s available on the Goodh Brewing website.
(7th February, 2021)

Goodh Joe

Goodh Brewing Co | Ponsanooth, Cornwall