Bath Ales

Festivity (5% ABV, bottle)
Oh my, I liked this, I liked this a lot. In fairness, it was a chilly winter evening, New Year’s Eve to be precise, and it was a beer in the right place at the right time. But magnificent, nonetheless. Black, with a thick, foaming tan head, it’s very inviting in the glass. The aroma is rich malt and chocolate. On the palate, it’s smooth and complex. Roast malts, dark chocolate, rich sugars, rum notes, a hint of coffee, and some vanilla.
Buy: Mine came in the St Austell Brewery/Bath Ales Advent calendar.
(31st December, 2020)

Gem (4.8% ABV, bottle)
Solidly traditional, in the guise of a reassuring West Country best bitter, Gem pours crystal clear, deep amber, with a thick, off-white head of foam. The aroma is malt, wholemeal bread, red apple skin. The taste is classic English best bitter, sweet, bready malt dominating with a side serving plum and some berry fruit notes, adding a refreshing edge. Good bitterness on the finish. Missing the country pub? Take a bottle of this home.
Buy: I bought mine in Tesco. It’s available in other major stores, and from the brewer’s website
(1st May, 2020)

Bath Ales Gem

Lansdown (5% ABV, bottle)
My favourite of the Bath Ales portfolio. Deep golden/amber, with good carbonation, it has a white head that stays well. It looks so inviting in the glass. There are big hops on the nose — grassy, orange, herbal. On the palate, it’s full and bold, but beautifully balanced, with bready malt. There are marmalade notes — thick cut — some spiciness, hints of lemon and grapefruit. The finish has just the right amount of bitterness to send you back for more. The body and mouthfeel are excellent and contribute to a great package overall. Try it, I implore you.
Buy: Mine was sent for an online Bath Ales tasting. It’s available in many stores and from the brewer’s website
(28th May, 2020)

Bath Ales Lansdown

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