The Wild Beer Co has announced a series of collaboration project for the year ahead, the first of which will be called The Cellarman Project.

Partners for the brewery’s cask collaborations this year will be Magic Rock, Left Handed Giant, Ignition Brewery, Fuller’s, Budvar and Brooklyn Brewery.

Wild Beer Co collaborationsBrewer, Russell Sykes, who has been instrumental in curating the project, said: “Collaborations provide us, as brewers, with opportunities to share knowledge and experiences, develop and refine our skills, and further expand our horizons.

“So in choosing our collaboration partners, we have not been constrained by geography, size or market segmentation. Instead, we have sought out those whose ethos and passion we share, who will push our boundaries and their own, and who believe great cask beer is worth investing in.

“It is also about highlighting the importance of how we not only produce our beer, but how we look after it and maintain it once it rests in the venues cellar.”

He added: “The job of the cellarman is crucial in carrying the baton of the beer effectively from cellar to pump — this appreciation is what cemented the project idea between ourselves and Garrett Oliver at Brooklyn.

“Each of the beers produced in this series will bring something wildly different to the market. Each will be a unique sum of the parts brought into the collaboration, the combination of our ideas and identities at this moment in each brewery’s development. Through this, we will add our collective weight to the argument that cask beer is capable of being more than the cheapest pint at the bar.”

Subsequent projects, including Tales From The Wood and US projects, will be announced over the next two weeks.

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