Theo Corfield, Castle Brewery, Cornwall: “A lovely lentil, mushroom and walnut burger goes down well with my Best Bitter or Golden Gauntlet. Also, a nice rich winter vegetable ragout and butter beans is good with an accompanying Stuggy Stout.”

Jack Pike, Beat Ales, Bristol: “Our Mod Amber Ale goes well with curries as its malty backbone holds up against spicy food and the citrus hops refresh and cleanse the palate. Our Rockabilly APA and Raver Session Pale Ale go with veggie burgers as they have a robust bitterness from the highly-hopped flavour profile.”

James van der Watt, Jabru Bevco, Guildford: “Jabru Easy Pils has complex aroma of citrus, tropical fruit and floral. Its is light in body and has a dry, crisp finish. Based on this, it pairs well with dishes that complement citrus. Also, the aroma is reminiscent of a New World white wine, so it would go with vegan dishes that normally pair with these wines.”

Bellfield beers with foodKieran Middleton, Bellfield Brewery, Edinburgh: “Bohemian Pilsner: tomato and hot pepper salsa, buffalo cauliflower, sweet potato fries, artichoke dip and we just had some Nairn’s vegan gluten-free sea salt and balsamic vinegar Snackers, which went really well. Lawless Village IPA: aubergine and roasted garlic pasta, pizza, roasted squash, chocolate.”

Sara Asted Abadi, Solvay Society, London: “Our range beer matches very well with vegan cheese and chocolates. Our Coulomb (saison) complements with its spicy citrusy herbal flavours coconut and lemon notes. It cuts through spices and matches well with a curry, vegan burger (bean, cauliflower) all sort of spicy soups (pumpkin, lentil, potato), chickpea stew, chickpea salad, German potato salad, green salad with nuts and coconut flakes. I have done a vegan beer chocolate cake with our Tritium (pink peppercorn rye tripel). The pink peppercorns merge well with the chocolate and bring out light spicy nuances. A perfect match with the beer for a late-night dessert.”

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