JD Wetherspoon is continuing to update its product range, removing items such as French Champagne and German wheat beer.

In a pre-close trading statement published today, it says it is replacing these products, respectively, with sparkling wine from the UK and Australia, and UK and American wheat beers.

J D WetherspoonIn the statement, chairman Tim Martin says: “Huge progress has been made in leaving the EU: the referendum has taken place; the manifestos of the main parties, respecting the result, were endorsed in the general election; Article 50 was triggered; and the sensible decision was taken to allow legal EU migrants to stay post-Brexit.

“Unsurprisingly, the prime minister has run into difficulties by making the mistake of prioritising a ‘deal’ with
the unelected EU representatives, which they have little incentive to accommodate, rather than a sensible
implementation of Brexit in areas under the control of parliament.

“99% of the benefits of leaving the EU — including the avoidance of vast financial contributions, the elimination
of tariffs and the reacquisition of fishing rights — need no agreement from any third party. The prime minister
can avoid most current problems by prioritising these areas.”

For the ten weeks to July 8, like-for-like sales increased by 5.2% and total sales by 5.6%. In the year to date
(49 weeks to July 8) like-for-like sales increased by 5.2% and total sales by 4.2%.

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