To support the release of the Qdos ReNu PU pumphead from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG), SUEZ can testify to its effectiveness thanks to an early stage trial.

At a major UK brewery, SUEZ is using the Qdos ReNu PU for dosing polymer as part of its waste water treatment processes. Replacing diaphragm metering pumps that were frequently becoming clogged with polymer, the trial has proved asuccess, with no issues experienced over an extended period of time.

There is growing worldwide demand for polymer dosing systems in waste water treatment. The majority of these systems dose polymer. Dewatering sludge waste can considerably reduce transportation and disposal costs.

SUEZ is contracted to operate and maintain the site’s effluent treatment plant. SUEZ works closely with the customer to identify and optimise the operating processes, and reduce the brewery’s environmental footprint.

All of the brewery’s waste is sent to the site’s anaerobic digestion effluent plant, where it is treated. The brewery’s waste is digested by the bacteria and which produces methane gas, which is either burnt by boilers for heat or used in other ways.

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