Wadworth assistant brewer, Richard Burton, celebrates his success with head brewer, Rob Jacobson

Wadworth’s assistant brewer, Richard Burton, has gained the Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) following three years of study. 

Richard, or ‘Burt’, as he’s known in the brewery, has now formally qualified as a technical brewer, recognising a breadth of brewing knowledge from all respective raw materials right through to packaged products. 

He joined Wadworth in 2017 as assistant brewer and has been at the forefront of developing new beers with the brewery team.

Head brewer, Rob Jacobson, said: £Gaining this qualification is a major milestone in any brewer’s career and something to be very proud of. We are delighted for Richard and his successful qualification.”

Richard added: “I love beer and I love brewing, and getting to this stage is fantastic. I’m going to continue exploring what brewing can create, and it’s great to be able to do this at a regional family brewer with such a heritage.”

‘It’s imperative that we retain the art of cask ale brewing’

Richard will continue with his brewing qualifications, which started with a brewery internship and the General Certificate in Brewing. This leads to the Diploma in Brewing, and then the ultimate brewing accolade, Master Brewer.

Wadworth chief executive, Chris Welham, said: “As an independent family brewer and regional pub operator, it’s imperative that we retain the art of cask ale brewing and continue to develop our Great British pubs, two things that are totally unique to the UK.

“It has been wonderful watching Burt grow and learn. He is one of many in our team at Wadworth who are playing a big part in retaining two iconic British institutions: a quality pint of real ale, and a proper pub, and I’m very proud that we are still at the centre of this.”

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