The National Theatre’s craft beer bar, The Understudy, is celebrating low- and no-alcohol beers this month.

The event will culminate in The Dry January Weekender, from January 24-26.

Lucky Saint nun

New pours will include: a vanilla mocha stout from Big Drop and Tiny Rebel; a sour courtesy of Tempest; and some new releases from Nirvana and Brewdog, among many others.

There will also be low-ABV options from Small Beer, an alcohol-free cider, and the elusive draught kombucha.

Throughout January, lager from Lucky Saint will take centre stage as part of an exclusive UK draught launch.

Understudy bars manager, Zanna Mercer, said: “Mindful drinking isn’t just a trend. Low- to n0-alcohol options are affording people the freedom to focus on their mental and physical health, without neglecting their social life.

“We’re embracing the familiarity of Dry January and hoping to not only cater to, but possibly surprise our guests with the range and quality of options we have to offer.”

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