UBREW, in London, the ‘peoples brewery’ which has been the birthplace of so many new beers, has launched the Alpha Series of brews.

UBREW Rocket BearA crowdfunded brewery opened two years ago, UBREW has helped hundreds of brewers experiment, tinker and play with results that are “bold”, “brave” and occasionally “insane”.

A spokesperson said: “Now the time has come for the biggest, baddest and most bodacious of our recipes to emerge from the chaos. We teamed up with Johnny Clayton, the former head brewer of Wild Beer Co, to scale these recipes to our industrial five-barrel kit. Now it’s not just the lucky few who get to grab the cream of the crop on a busy Saturday that can taste UBREW beers in all their glory.”

The series launches with a mixed case of 12 beers featuring three each of: Rocket Bear IPA (6.9% ABV); Octobear Sorachi Ace Saison (6.9%); Hoplust Stout (6.8%); and Roots pale ale.

The beers will be officially launched at an event at UBREW on October 29, but the cases are available to order now.

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