A Lancashire woodturner’s commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices has been endorsed by a feature on primetime TV when Jamie Oliver visited one of his customers.

William Firth only took the plunge to set up his own woodworking studio from his home village of Scorton, near Lancaster, in late 2016. Now his beautiful, high-quality, original pieces are being backed by some high profile supporters.

He was surprised and delighted to see one of his customers, Brighton-based Good Things Brewing Co, featured on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. Chef Jamie Oliver praised their drive to be the “world’s first self-sustaining brewery”, by recycling their used grain into top grade flour.

The programme celebrated the brewery’s central message of using sustainable materials to create a distinctive, environmentally friendly, and plastic-free identity. Seeking out William’s expertise, they found his natural materials and designs were a perfect fit for their taproom.

William said: “Such high-profile recognition for Good Things Brewing is thoroughly well deserved, they embody high quality and eco-friendly integrity. Working together, we created hand-painted and etched European Beech tap handles for their Pale Ale and IPA. It was great to work with such a forward-thinking brewery that shares my vision on environmental commitment and sustainability.”

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