A new project, Turning The Tide, aims to share the voice of the beer and hospitality industries at a time when they really need to be heard.

Film-makers and creatives have teamed up to, so far, create five episodes of about 25 minutes each. The show is trying to raise awareness of the struggles pubs and bars are facing during the current pandemic.

A spokesperson said: “We want to create a tighter community and get more appreciation for what pub culture means to people’s day-to-day lives.”

The project team are now crowdfunding to complete the final touches on post-production and promotional materials. There are also plans to start visiting more pubs around London and perhaps the UK (when the government allows), to find out how they are keeping and listen to their experiences.

To find out more, and to support the project, visit crowdfunder.co.uk/turning-the-tide-campaign


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